2018 Compassion Film Festival Selections

2018 Compassion Film Festival Selections

Compassion Fest Laurels 2018
Compassion Film Fest 2018 People's Choice Award Laurels

We are very proud of the Compassion Film Festival’s 2018 selections and were delighted to have had such a rich group of films submitted to the festival its inaugural year. Our film festival selection committee put in long hours and, though it was difficult at times, narrowed down the submissions to a wonderful selection of films for the 2018 program. The films below were all awarded the Compassion Film Festival Laurels and all film creators were offered free festival access and public introductions at the film showings.  A People’s Choice Award and Laurels were also awarded for the morning and afternoon short film sessions.

Feature Length Films

Opening Film Event: Skid Row Marathon

Director Mark Hayes

Closing Film Event: Love and Bananas

Director Ashley Bell, Producer Ross Dinerstein

100,000 Miles a Second

Filmmaker: Patricia Fox

Iku Manieva

Director/Producer: Isaac Ruiz Gastélum

Circle Up

Filmmaker: Julie Mallozzi

The Last Embrace

Filmmaker: Saman Hosseinpuor

[The Listening Heart]

Filmmaker: Storäe

Don’t Lose Heart

Filmmaker: Christine Arnold

Until Now

Filmmaker: Samantha Michele Buchananw

What is Human

Compassion Film Fest 2018 People's Choice Award Laurels

Filmmaker: Jake Bergen
People’s Choice Award Recipient

Popcorn & Chocolate

Filmmaker: Michael Baker

School Me!

Filmmaker: Michael Brims

Compassion Film Fest 2018 People's Choice Award LaurelsSafe Space

Director: Ben S. Hyland
People’s Choice Award Recipient

A Mother’s Will

Filmmaker: Steve Nerangis

Charity for the Dead

Filmmaker: Michelle Loke

Brush – Painted Forward

Filmmaker: Dimitri Pantchev

Change for Chimps

Filmmaker: Michele Fisher


Filmmakers: Francesca Weikert & Taylor Killian