2019 Compassion Fest Workshops

2019 Compassion Fest Workshops

We are delighted to have an amazing group of presenters in our 2019 lineup. Each of them extremely qualified in their own areas of expertise and ability to offer tools, resources, and inspiration to improve our lives, communities and the world at large.  


Where Compassion and Leadership Meet

Presenters:Laura Berland and Evan Harrel

Leaders come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and ages, and are found everywhere, including small groups, classrooms, in families, and in for-profit and non-profit organizations. What science and research show us is that all leaders, regardless of the environment, are more effective when they lead with compassion. This workshop will teach participants what makes a compassionate leader and why compassionate leadership is valuable. Participants will learn how to apply principles of compassionate leadership to their own specific situation and will go home with several practices that they can use to enhance their compassionate leadership skills. The workshop is participative in nature and will include lecture, workshop discussion, reflection exercises, and skill modeling. The world needs more compassion! Come with us and let’s grow compassion in the world together.

Am I a stranger in my body?: Linking physical reactions to our emotions

Presenter: Mary Mike Haley

Where in your body do you feel sadness? How does your body react to anxiety? When we are faced with emotional triggers or trauma, our physical responses can be helpful in identifying and processing those emotions. Learning how to link these natural physical reactions to our emotions, can aid us in establishing healthy coping mechanisms. This workshop will help you recognize where your feelings manifest in your body, how to deescalate and take action. It will also help you distinguish healthy versus harmful coping mechanisms and introduce you to simple grounding techniques.

Bias-free compassion: deconstructing privilege as a pathway to kindness.

Presenter: Anna Cole

The goal of this workshop is to explore how deconstructing our intersectional identities and privilege can clear the way for a more grounded and compassionate expression of kindness.  Through small group discussions, information sharing and reflective activities, attendees will build equity literacy skills. Working toward the creation of equitable, bias-free compassionate relationships and communities, attendees will learn to recognize, respond to and redress bias and marginalization.  The workshop is intended for thoughtful, reflective participants willing to explore identity, privilege, culture, and compassion.

Attitudinal Healing

Presenter: Ardis Hoffman

The goal of this workshop is to introduce and experience how Gerald Jampolsky’s 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing can change lives by offering a practice for expanded inner peace and emotional wellbeing.  Compassion begins with our heart’s ability to be loving and gentle with ourselves so that we can offer the same to others. Without that, we often live our life allowing stress, fear, worry, and negativity into our daily words, thoughts and our relationships. Often times overwhelming us with a sense of dread. Attitudinal healing allows us the freedom to slow down, reflect and reframe our negative feelings and interactions. Utilizing these simple principles will lead to greater happiness, self-empowerment, and compassion for self and others.

Mindful activities to support the building of safe relationships

Presenter: Kathy Hegberg and Amanda Petersen

The goal of this workshop is to introduce the FocusedKids program, building healthy brains using mindful activities. Social-emotional health in our children and ourselves begins with compassionate and safe relationships, which leads to healthy brain development and ultimately, life success. The idea of safe relationships is the foundational concept upon which FocusedKids rests. Participants will learn the neuroscience behind this concept and will practice mindful activities to support the building of safe relationships. Simple exercises incorporating the brain, the body, the breath, feelings, and impulse control are practiced and can be easily incorporated into daily life beyond the workshop.

Buena Voluntad hacia uno mismo como la base de la fortaleza emocional

Presenter: Valentin Mendez

Descripción: La mayoría de las personas somos altamente críticos con nosotros mismos. Esta critica nos genera vergüenza y está relacionada con padecimientos como la ansiedad, la depresión y la dificultad de reponernos cuando vivimos situaciones difíciles. Por fortuna podemos desarrollar una forma más saludable de relacionarnos con nosotros mismos la cual se denomina “buena voluntad a uno mismo” En este taller aprenderás las bases para tratarte con amor, compasión, aprecio y alegría.

  1. ¿Por qué nos criticamos tan duramente?
  2. ¿Cuáles son los efectos negativos de la autocrítica destructiva?
  3. La fortaleza emocional y la buena voluntad a uno mismo
  4. La ciencia de la compasión y el amor bondadoso
  5. Aprendiendo a apreciarnos incondicionalmente
  6. ¿Cómo podemos convertirnos en nuestros mejores amigos?

Additional workshop descriptions will be added as we receive them