2020 Saturday Morning – Developing Connection through Self-Compassion

2020 Saturday Morning – Developing Connection through Self-Compassion

August 8th, 2020

10:00 am (Mountain Time)

Workshop with Laura Bartels

Compassion plays an essential role in our world and any action of compassion brings benefit to the common good. It is demonstrated in the best acts of humanity. It also plays a crucial role in our relationship with ourselves. We have the ability to add to or reduce our own suffering, and all too often, we inadvertently compound it. When we practice self-compassion, not only do we reduce our own suffering in healthy ways, we support ourselves to express our own humanity and grow our sense of connectedness. Join Laura in this interactive workshop to become familiar with practical ways to grow self-compassion.

Laura Bartels is the Executive Director of the Mindful Life Program bringing personal and professional training in mindfulness and skills in living a meaningful life to a wide range of audiences. Laura’s experience in teaching spans engagement in public schools, universities, non-profits, and professional groups.