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2020 People’s Choice Awards Announced!

This year’s films were delightful, inspiring, and educational! 2020 festival attendee Colleen writes: “The movies were so moving and inspiring – it was so difficult choosing one as a favorite in the shorts. This event is the best training/experience I participate in all year (and I do a lot of training and I am a trainer).” 

We honor all the efforts and wonderful works of the filmmakers accepted into the festival and are delighted to announce the short films that received the 2020 People’s Choice Award. One film was selected from each of the short film reels.

pc trail to seacacar

Compassionate Healing

2020 People’s Choice Award:

A Trail To Seacacar

Director / Screenwriter / Producer: Paul Heesaker

pc no tricks

Compassionate Understanding

2020 People’s Choice Award:

No Tricks

Director / Producer / Screenwriter: Doug Werby

Producer: Cliff Traiman

pc welcome strangers

Compassionate Service

2020 People’s Choice Award:

Welcome Strangers

Director / Producer: Dia Sokol Savage

Producer: Garret Savage

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