The Way of Compassion Foundation is excited to announce the first annual Compassion Fest! This first year we are focusing on creating strong foundation and roots to grow this festival over the years to come. In a world where so many are helping, we still find ourselves overwhelmed with the challenges in our lives. Compassion is the wish to remove suffering from ourselves and others. Our hope is to celebrate compassionate action in our world and inspire individuals on this path.


August 17-19, 2018


Third Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale, Colorado, 81623.

Everyone we meet wants to be happy and does not want to suffer. When we recognize the struggles of another we can either fall into despair or be moved into compassion. Compassion is a force for positive change and Compassion Festival aspires to highlight people, communities, and organizations that are engaging in Compassionate Actions. Through creating meaningful connections and offering supportive tools, we hope to inspire and nurture individuals, communities, and the world to engage in actions that make a positive difference in the world.