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Healing Together

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Join us in our vision to create a festival that celebrates and highlights compassionate actions!

It is through our compassion – caring for each other and taking skillful actions to remove suffering – that our world will flourish.

In these times of division, it is critical that we find common ground and come together, identify our common struggles, and problem-solve in constructive and meaningful ways.  We want to create an ongoing event that highlights people that are actively improving the world and inspire others to do the same.

With the proliferation of the types of media we have access to, it is quite common to get overwhelmed by the difficulties we hear about. Though many tragic events happen daily, our perception of the world is skewed as we overwhelmingly hear about the tragedies and division. We do not hear about all the acts of compassion and loving-kindness that far outnumber those motivated by fear and hatred.

In truth, there are many more people helping others than there are hurting them. Instead of feeling hopeless, we can remember there are always opportunities to do good and know that we make a difference every day.

How we treat each other has an impact and contributes to creating the environment we all live in. The more we are able to engage with others in a way that recognizes their value and our shared humanity, the more we are able to create an environment that nurtures love, compassion, and understanding. Such an environment creates the conditions in which we can all find our own value in our communities and in the world at large.

The goal of Compassion Fest is to provide tools, resources, and inspiration for all of us to find ways, both large and small, to improve our interactions, our communities, and the world we live in.

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