2018 People’s Choice Award-Winning Films

What is Human PC

What is Human?

Director / Producer: Jake Bergen

Writer: Andy Steiger

Safe Space PC

Safe Space

Director / Writer: Ben S. Hyland

Producers: Adam Gregory Smith and Rebecca Grant

2019 People’s Choice Award-Winning Films

Roses are Read PC

Roses are Read

Director / Producer: Sam Estrada Jr.

Healing of Harman PC

The Healing of Harman

Director: Seth Pinsker

Executive Producers: Julie Uribe and Seth Pinsker

2020 People’s Choice Award-Winning Films

pc welcome strangers

Welcome Strangers

Director: Dia Sokol Savage

Producer: Garret Savage

pc no tricks

No Tricks

Director: Paul Werby

Producers: Doug Werby and Cliff Traiman

pc trail to seacacar

A Trail to Seacacar

Director / Producer: Paul Heesaker

2021 People’s Choice Award-Winning Films

Stand Down PC

Stand Down

Director / Producer: Paul Steinbroner

Producers: Kevin McCoy and David Okimoto

Not Worth Killing PC

Not Worth Killing

Director: Eric M. Ivey

Producers: Paul Zehrer and John Mutz

1000 Days PC

1000 Days

Directors: Jeanette Rourke and Ron Bambridge

Producers: Jeanette Rourke and Ron Bambridge

Executive Producers: Jeanette Rourke and Ron Bambridge