Survivor! 98 Second Stories

Survivor! 98 Second Stories

United States, 14min 12sec

Director / Screenwriter / Producer: Elizabeth Tobias

Cast: Elizabeth Tobias, Dawniel Carlock Stewart, Naomi Tara, Smile Garcia, Tara Graviss, Ryan Freeze, Coco, RObyn Alatorre, Aliza Bejarano, Catherine Singer, Jennifer Korsen, Kayla Cloonan, Felis Stella, Ciana Lee, Yolie, Ruthy Jane, Jessica, Jen Snoeyink, Joi Cole, Alexandria Yalj, Kellie Gillespie

Cinematographers / Editors: Jason Jenn and Vojislav Rad

Composer / Music: Tara J. Atkinson


Survivor! 98 Second Stories is about the courage and conviction of 21 contemporary artists who participated in a public art project to help prevent sexual violence in the United States.
Winner of Best New Director at The Mediterranean Film Festival in Cannes, Elizabeth Tobias, amplifies her fusion of art, activism, and filmmaking to share this short documentary created from a live performance directed by Tobias for Diverse Art LA at The Los Angeles Art Show.