2020 Workshops

We were delighted to have a wonderful lineup of workshops for our Compassion Film Festival® 2020 online event. Our aspirations are to not only inspire but also to offer tools and resources for attendees to participate in their lives in a more compassionate way. You can view the recorded workshops below.

Laura Bartels of the Mindful Life Program offers a workshop on developing connection through self-compassion.

John Bruna offers a workshop on the Wisdom of Compassion in the Compassion Film Festival® 2020 online event.

Devika Gurung of Himalayan Yogini offers this rejuvenating yoga practice in her self-discovered style. This yoga class was offered during our 2020 Compassion Film Festival® online event.

Marymike Haley offers guidance and instruction around cultivating self-awareness to improve our interpersonal relationships. Marymike works with Aspire recovery for women. She offered this workshop as a part of the 3rd annual Compassion Film Festival®.