5ta Ruta

5ta Ruta

United States, 40 min

Director / Writer / Producer:  Nelson Ramirez

Director:  Luisana Bertorelli

Cast:  NGOs – PAHPV


Thousands of Venezuelans abroad have created an international network of humanitarian aid (food and medicine) which works from over 20 countries sending tons of supplies into Venezuela, a country going through the worst humanitarian crisis in the hemisphere. This documentary shows a small part of the efforts and takes the audience to a 5 days road trip through the collection centers of one of the biggest Non Profit organizations that leads the effort, while interviewing subject matter experts and volunteers. The political angle of the crisis has been deliberately excluded from the documentary as a way to protect the volunteers in Venezuela and avoid any disruption in the operation and also to emphasize the positivity of the diaspora working together. Hope you enjoy the new musical interpretation of some of Venezuela’s sounds and songs as part of the original score of our piece. Thanks so much for considering our work.