Compassion in Action

Compassion in Action

Compassion in Action

Saturday, August 10, 7:00 pm

Community Hall

With the rise in popularity of programs like TED talks and eTown eChievement Awards, we were inspired to offer a main event that highlights those individuals and groups who are focusing their time and efforts to remove suffering and promote happiness in the world. What if each of us used our skills in new and compassionate ways? How would our experience of the world change, and how far would those ripples travel? Welcome to Compassion in Action – three inspiring presentations followed by a concert by Let Them Roar!

Shereen Sarick: Marshyangdi School

In September of 2012, my son and I volunteered around the world in lieu of his eighth grade. The goal was to learn with our heads, hands, and hearts. One of the places we found was the Marshyangdi School in Kathmandu, Nepal. Who better to teach us the ways of compassion than underprivileged school children who’s school motto is “others before self”? We may have been the classroom teachers, but of course, they taught us so much. Two devastating earthquakes hit Nepal in the spring of 2015. We sent emergency relief to the principal of the school to help the children and their families and committed to rebuilding the school with earthquake-safe construction. One 10th grade student moved to the valley and spent two years here, graduating from Aspen High School in 2017. We hope to cut the ribbon on the new campus in April of 2020. My presentation will be the story of how it all came to be, and how we are progressing.

Shereen Sarick

Jonathan Greener: Stepping Stones

Reflections on the power and impact of compassion through mentoring. Personal observations from deep relationships with gang leaders, addicts, cowboys and other average humans.

Jonathan Greener

Roaring Fork Valley High School Students: Trip to the Border

Students from Basalt High School, Aspen High School and CRMS attended a weeklong immersion program to learn first hand about the situation at the El Paso, Texas border. In their presentation they will share about their experience meeting with immigration lawyers, a variety of  nonprofits that help refugees, the migrant worker’s union, social activists, a doctor from Juarez who treats refugees, border patrol agents, a judge that prosecutes people who enter illegally, and people who have crossed the border in hope of a better life.

Live Concert by Let Them Roar!