Compassion with a Camera

Compassion with a Camera

Compassion With a Camera

Sunday, August 19th, 7:30 am

Join Nannette Weinhold in this workshop where we will slow way down to view the world with a new lens.  Using mindful ‘assignments’ of color, texture, pattern, form, space, etc., we learn to see things as they are.

With a calm mind and open heart we can take this new way of seeing into the world and learn how it is to be with whatever enters our experience. (inner and outer)

This workshop will give you a taste for Miksang photography, a dharma art form, I learned while attending Naropa University.  Miksang means ‘the good eye’ in Tibetan.

Miksang has helped me deepen my spiritutual practice as my tendencies and preferences are revealed. Seeing the world directly helps me not take myself so seriously.  I have  so much more compassion for this human experience as I photograph whatever crazy thing enters my perception.

We’ll have time to touch on this, but you may want to bring a journal to capture your unique experience.


Participants either need a digital camera or a smartphone with a camera.