Self Compassion: Tools for Mental and Emotional Self Management

Self Compassion: Tools for Mental and Emotional Self Management

We are delighted to be able to offer this wonderful workshop that provides valuable skills for participants to develop more mental and emotional health. The workshop is facilitated by Vanessa Kettering, PhD and Rhonda K Rodgers, MBA. 

We live in an era of emotional reaction rather than thoughtful action. To do the important work ahead of us, we must evolve from a contracted state of body and mind to an expanded state of awareness. The goal of this workshop is personal empowerment through Mental and Emotional Self-Management (MESM)* skills, which expand awareness of one’s internal state and impart tools to manage emotional and physiological reactivity and build resilience. We focus on understanding the nervous system and tuning in to the language of sensation to encourage nervous system balance and limbic resonance. This workshop is for anyone interested in learning how to better manage their internal world to manifest their full potential.

*Mental and Emotional Self-Management (MESM) is a research-backed program that imparts practical biological skills for calming the nervous system to restore balance to the body and mind (Mindfulness Training Gets an Upgrade; Rodgers & Kettering, 2017). Certificate for 2 hours of professional development hours available.

Vanessa Kettering

Vanessa Kettering, PhD

I employ my training in positive psychology to help clients and community members achieve genuine well-being that is not subject to the fluctuations of external circumstances. I am grateful for this opportunity to share in the practice of skills that promote flourishing and optimal states of mind-body connection. In my teachings, I combine the latest scientific findings as well as my experience of over a decade of meditation practice and teaching.

Rhonda Rodgers

Rhonda K Rodgers, MBA

As a founding partner of the Way of Well-Being, my goal is to live authentically and to manifest my highest self for the benefit of all sentient beings. I am a student of the inner sciences, outer sciences, and wisdom traditions, and incorporate each of these perspectives into my calling as an organizational consultant and well-being mentor.


Friday, August 17th, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

You can register for the MESM workshop using the buy now button below.

August 17th – 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm – $20 per person. A certificate for two hours of professional development will be available.