Wisdom and Tools of Compassion

Wisdom and Tools of Compassion

We are delighted that John Bruna will be offering an online workshop at this year’s festival focusing on the skillful use of compassion to build resiliency in difficult times.

Compassion is not simply the feeling of sadness that arises when we see suffering. It is the heartfelt desire, often triggered by sadness, to eliminate suffering. The suffering we experience offers one very positive opportunity: the opportunity to develop deep compassion for others. The wisdom of compassion is the ability to make healthy choices and engage in actions that remove or reduce suffering in yourself and others.

Cultivating the power of compassion starts with developing a meaningful connection with others, which increases our ability to be empathetic and receive empathy from others. Empathy allows us to relate to and understand the suffering of others, which leads to compassion – the desire to help remove the suffering. This is one of the most powerful qualities we can cultivate, as it becomes the motivation that inspires us to develop skillful methods and wholesome life habits to eliminate suffering, both in our lives and in the lives of others.

John Bruna

John Bruna is an author, counselor, educator, former Tibetan Buddhist monk, and current mindfulness teacher. Raised in a low-income environment where he was surrounded by drugs, alcohol, and violence, John was able to find recovery and change the course of his life at the early age of 22. Having transformed his own life, John has devoted the last three and a half decades of his life to helping others transform theirs. He is an engaging, inspirational and authentic teacher, able to draw from his education and training, as well as his compelling life story and personal experiences to illustrate with clarity the skillful application of the wisdom teachings found in all traditions. John Bruna is the founder of the Way of Compassion Foundation and co-founder of both the Mindful Life Program and Mindfulness in Recovery®

You can learn more about John’s at www.ameaningfullife.us.



Time: August 18th, 9:00 am

You can register for the Wisdom and Tools of Compassion workshop using the “buy now” button below

August 18th – 9:00 am to 10:00 am – $20 per person. A certificate for one hour of professional development will be available.