Compassion Film Festival Selections – Morning Session

Compassion Film Festival Selections – Morning Session

We are delighted to have had such a rich group of films submitted to the festival. Our selection committee put in long hours and, though it was difficult at times, narrowed down the submissions to a wonderful selection for this year’s program. The Morning Short Films are as follows:

100,000 Miles a Second Film

100,000 Miles a Second (7 min)

A woman with multiple sclerosis has a conversation with a homeless street musician about how fast we travel through the universe, realizing her thoughts about herself are the real issue in her life.

Iku Manieva (5 min)

Two children take refuge in the Sinaloa sierra.

Circle Up (15 min)

Mothers seek true justice for their murdered sons.

The Last Embrace (5 min)

The Little girl wants to show her drawing to her family, but everybody is busy with their cell phones, she goes to her grandpa who has just past away a few minutes ago without anybody noticing it.

[The Listening Heart] (25 min)

[The Listening Heart] is an Afro-Native Futuristic film about self-love and deep listening, bringing to life an original story grounded in Mayan and Yoruba cosmologies. Our protagonist, named after the Mayan Goddess Ix Chel, is a child healer who searches for the meaning of love. This story follows a common paradigm of women who are hurt when going against social norms—but in this film, reclaim their voices through self-healing.

Don’t Lose Heart (5 min)

A young girl on the day of her heart transplant, but her transplant cooler gets lost in transit and must make it back to her before time runs out.

Until Now (8 min)

Never has a found letter, a first time read, great timing and a simple dance been combined into one work revealing a true story, of loss, love and kindness… Until Now.

What is Human (5 min)

A victim of a war-ravaged past, an auntie in an African orphanage sees history repeating itself in the lives of the children she cares for, and considers life as she looks at a new generation of children dealing with age-old problems.

Popcorn & Chocolate (15 min)

Death. Life. Popcorn. Chocolate.  And a cactus.