Locals and Student Films

Locals and Student Films

Our Lives Our River

Filmmakers: Elan Bouchet, Kai Kanzer, and George Soukup

Runtime: 3:05

Out of Balance

Filmmakers: JT Haberern, Cole Fenton, Gage Balderson

Runtime: 4:04

Grass Skis

Filmmakers: Sebastian Aragon, Will Hassel, and Owen Jolles

Runtime: 4:25

Life of a Bike

Filmmakers: Hannah Popish, Mayan Schmidt, Quinn Wells, and Riley Wheeless

Runtime: 2:44

What is Compassion?

Filmmakers: Mountain Maes, Brooks Chatman

Runtime: 6:18

Stream Flow on the Crystal

Filmmakers: Mykerson Hentschel, Braden Stainton, Maddox Stainton

Runtime: 3:25


Filmmaker Laurel Smith

Runtime: 5:04

Animal Compassion

Filmmakers: Jayla Greengrass, Lanabella Greengrass, Austin Fotion

Runtime: 4:00

Giving Care

Filmmakers: Emma Kidder, Andrea Nevarez, Sugeh

Runtime: 3:20