2018 Main Event – Compassion is a Verb

Compassion Is A Verb

Saturday, August 18th: 7:00 pm

This is our main event – five amazing individuals representing organizations that are making a significant difference in the world. The Compassion Fest Selection Committee is thrilled to be able to offer such an incredible lineup.

The format of the evening will be similar to a TED event, 15 to 18 minute poignant presentations highlighting the compassion work they are doing. There are 5 categories: youth, local, regional, national, and international.


Macy Rae Klein – Project Reasons

Project Reasons is a 501(c)(3) small group effort that is dedicated to saving the lives of students, and adults, from suicide. We focus primarily on teaching students how to cope with suicidal feelings as well as how to help their friends. We also encourage dialogue between adults and students and encourage people to courageously talk about mental health. Project Reasons believes in order to successfully make a change, it is necessary to unify adults and students in the prevention effort. In order to accomplish this, we use our own personal stories. Project Reasons is run by the Student Board, which spans across multiple districts. Our students set out to speak to both students and adults on the difficult and often painful topic of suicide. Learn More Here.

Reba Winsinger – Days for Girls

Days for Girls began in 2008 at a time when other organizations were not talking about Menstrual Health or the key role it plays in poverty elimination. Teams around the world make washable, reusable feminine hygiene kits that last 3-4 years, distributing kits with a women’s health education training. Working to break the shame and isolation surrounding menstruation, Days for Girls has now reached 1 million girls in 123 countries, on 6 continents. Days for Girls has over 1000 Teams, 60,000 volunteers, and Enterprises in 15 countries. We are working to reach “Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.”  Learn More Here.

Lt. Col. Dick Merritt – Huts for Vets

Huts for Vets is a unique wilderness therapy program in Aspen, Colorado is offered free to men and women veterans who have suffered trauma as a result of their service. The calming and healing powers of nature are scientifically proven. A wilderness therapy program results in lower blood pressure and stress relief. The Huts For Vets methodology is unique among veterans programs because it weaves wilderness therapy with philosophical discussions, physical challenges, and camaraderie at the 10th Mountain Huts of Aspen. Huts For Vets as inclusive as possible. They cover all expenses, including transportation.Learn More Here.

Valley Settlement Project – Maria Dueñas.

Maria Duenas is the director of Valley Settlement Project’s Parent Mentor Program, from Valley Settlement, based in the Roaring Fork Valley. Maria is from Guadelahara, Mexico and has been living in the valley for 22 years. She is married with 2 children. Valley Settlement has been making amazing differences in the lives of so many. Learn More Here.

Somy Ali and Liliya Anisimova – No More Tears

Somy Ali, the Founder and President of No More Tears, witnessed many injustices and violence growing up in Pakistan and during her teenage years while working as a Bollywood actress in India.

Abuse and injustice affects everyone without regard to class or religion. After finishing her education, Somy registered No More Tears in 2006 to help survivors of abuse who were brought to the U.S from various countries around the world. Today Ali, and a dedicated group of volunteers, medical professionals and legal advisors help men, women and children start a new life free from abuse.  Learn More Here.