Act Social

Act Social

Director / Writer / Producer:  Sean A. Mulvihill

Key Cast:  Sean A. Mulvihill, Colin Mochrie, Eckhart Tolle

United States, 01:26 hour



From politics to medicine, Act Social explores the healing potential of applied improvisation. Features famed improv comedian Colin Mochrie of Whose Line is it, Anyway?

The principles of improv lead to hilarious comedy onstage but can they also be used to solve problems like depression, social anxiety, or conflict? Applied improvisers belive the answer is “Yes!”

In our documentary film we show what happens when different kinds of people try improv: refugees, tragedy survivors, couples in counseling, and people involved in political debate.

In Act Social, you will also meet improv teachers who work with communities in need, giving audiences a never-before-seen look at the possibilities improv can bring to real life.