The Least We Can Do

The Least We Can Do

Canada, 52 min

Director / Writer / Producer:  Moira Simpson

Producers:  Christine McDowell, Peggy Thompson, Elizabeth Walker, Barbara Shuman, Dr. Leora Kuttner, Barbara Etches, Leslie Timmins, Crystal Verge


On August 3, 2014, ISIS extremists began a campaign of genocide against the Yazidi, a religious minority in Northern Iraq. They murdered the men, forced the boys into ISIS military training camps, and enslaved the women and girls subjecting them to torture and rape in a fate that survivor Nadia Murad described as “worse than death.”

A small group of women in British Columbia, Canada, are relieved when the Canadian Government votes to bring Yazidi women and girls to Canada as refugees and provide them with comprehensive trauma care for their ‘unimaginable suffering’.

The women are horrified to later discover that the government has not followed through on all its promises. The Yazidi were brought to Canada and then neglected. Trauma services are inadequate, unplanned, and failing. As the group urges the government to keep its promise, they encounter unexpected support along the way.

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