Special Guests

Special Guests

Reba Winsinger

Days for Girls

Liliya Anisimova

No More Tears

Macy Rae Klein

Project Reason

Ross Dinerstein

Producer of Love and Bananas

Rafael Cabrera

Star of Skid Row Marathon

Frank Martin


Nannette Weinhold

Compassion With a Camera

Let Them Roar

Musicians / Band

John Bruna

Wisdom and Tools of Compassion

Smythe & Taylor

Musicians / Band

Rhonda Rodgers

Self Compassion

Vanessa Kettering

Self Compassion

Jen Close

Start With Hello

Somy Ali

No More Tears

Gabriele Hayes

Producer of Skid Row Marathon

Karen Barbee

NonViolent Communication and Forgiveness

John Masters

Moderator of Interfaith Panel Discussion

John Bruna

Way of Compassion Dharma Center

Shawna Foster

Minister serving Two Rivers Unitarian Universalists

Lance Norton

Pastor of Mid Valley Church

Emily Segal

Rabbi of Aspen Jewish Congregation